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Arbitre now ready for club use

Since version 1.04pre1, Arbitre provides all basic scorekeeping functions needed for refereeing training bouts.

Arbitre 1.04pre1 introduces a bout history. While in previous versions 1.02/1.03 the score could only be incremented, the bout history form now overcomes this limitation by allowing to either void the touch or to award the touch to the opponent.

This represents a big step towards tournament use of Arbitre on Palm Powered handhelds. With the ability to award touches and to correct such decisions, Arbitre has now advanced to the stage of club-internal use. Club-internal use is currently recommended because during training bouts it usually wouldn't matter if the application misbehaved or crashed. During several weeks of testing however no such errors were found. Please note however that switching to another application results in the loss of all bout data because it is not yet saved when closing the application.

Download Arbitre now and support the project by providing feedback! Feel free to post your comments to one of the big fencing forums.