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Arbitre in the press

This is a selective compilation of what is being written about the Arbitre refereeing software.

Now for something new

The influx of technology in fencing is increasing each year, items such as new masks with clear visors, lights on masks are clearly visible in today's fencing and the concept of wireless fencing keeps on being bandied about. So I thought I would see what else is out there and came up with a little tool that is geared only for referees and tournament managers.

Arbitre is a piece of software developed by for PDA's or mobile phones that helps referees. The software allows the referee to run a pool from his or her mobile or PDA. Fencers names can be entered, it also gives a list of bouts as well as showing you the pool layout in a results screen. Fencers can sign the PDA after the pool has been completed. Arbitre also gives a display allowing the referee to enter the hits scored during the bout as well [as] starting and stopping the time. Once a pool [has] been completed all the information can be transmitted wirelessly to the tournament computer. This should stop Phil from nagging about bits of paper and stop watches not working.

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